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Published and released Journal issue of 2021

Published and released Journal issue of 2021

Template for writing a Paper

Paper Title

(Font style: Times New Roman, Font size: 14).

Authors Name/s


1Affiliation/ Affiliations/Place & Address of work.

2Affiliation/ Affiliations/Place & Address of work.

3Affiliation/ Affiliations/Place & Address of work.

NAME OF MAIN Author in Research work=
E-mail address if desired of
[ In Times New Roman font of 12]

Abstract: (Maximum 250 words). Do Not Use Symbols, Special Characters,

Manuscript should be typed in Times New Roman font of 12 in double space. Use the following subheads



Results and Discussion OR ,



Figures and Tables:

Figures and Tables should be inserted/placed/put at right places in Paper.

Format of tables:

Square cut:


References: [ It should be as follows ]

All references must be numbered consecutively, in the order of appearance in the text.

The references should be inserted at the appropriate location in the text by writing the reference number, in parenthesis (not by author and date, or not by et al style).

References should be arranged in the order it appears in the text and set out as follows: Surname, initials name of titles followed by Name of topic, Name of journal, Year of publication, vol. no. and page no., for example-

  1. Power D.H. and Fox C., The effect of cosmetic emulsions on the stratum corneum, J.Soc. Cosmet.Chem., 1959, 10, 109-116.
  2. Tuner R.A., Screening Methods in Pharmacology, Academic Press, New York and London, 1965,112.

References incorporation in text of paper


Introduction [TEXT]: A simple and sensitive HPLC procedure has been described for determination of the concentrations1. A GC procedure employing trifluoroacetyl derivatization has been reported for quantification of Pentoxyphylline2


  1. Rajesh MG, Latha MS. Priliminary evaluation of the antihepatoprotective activity of Kamilari, a polyherbal formulation. J Ethnopharmacol., 2004, 91; 99-104.
  2. Subramoniam A, Evans DA, Rajasekharan S, Pushpangadan P. Hepatoprotective activity of Trichopus Zeylanicus extract against paracetamol- Induced hepatic damage in rats. Indian J Exp Biol., 1998, 36: 385-389.

Paper Size/Space:

Large space is consumed only by figures and graphs. Text does not occupy much space. Thus you try at your level to reduce the size of ur paper, by scanning the figures using various softwares (so as to reduce the size/space). You can use PHOTOSHOP FIGURES; PHOTOSHOP/Coral Draw reduces the size of figures

Length of Paper:

Paper should not be unnecessarily lengthy, should not of COMPLETE THESIS FORM. Give only the important outcomes/inferences. There is no need to give the complete observation tables. Don’t describe the repeated complete procedures. Just write there....that using so and so reference or the related procedure was used.
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