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Investigation on swelling parameters of smart biopolymeric hydrogels

S. Sudarsan, D.S. Franklin, M. Sakthivel, and S. Guhanathan


: Recently, the utilization of renewable resources for the fabrication of bio-based polymeric hydrogels have been explored because of it is eco friendly nature. Polysaccharide based hydrogels has been used enthusing in food industry, pharmaceutical and dental applications due to the availability of natural properties such as gelling agent, thickening agent, soft fragile, non-toxic, biocompatible and biodegradable nature. In this study, Sodium alginate-Triethylene glycol-Acrylic acid hydrogels have been prepared via solventless greener method. Surface morphology and structure of hydrogel evaluated by SEM and FT-IR respectively. Swelling is the most vital parameter for drug delivery, tissue engineering, wound healing and other biomedical applications. Hydrophilic three-dimensional network of bio polymeric hydrogels renders them capable of imbibing large amounts of water molecules due to their ability to swell, when put in contact with a environmentally compatible solvent. Swelling percent, swelling equilibrium, equilibrium water content and swelling in biological fluids can also be investigated in biopolymer by green approach. Key words: Swelling equilibrium, hydrogels, polysaccharide, hydrophilic, equilibrium water content.

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