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Formulation of Novel Herbal Mosquito Repellent: A New Approach in Antimalarial Management

S. D. Chavare*, K. M. Karande, N. H. Aloorkar, A. S. Kulkarni, S. H. Majumdar


: Today’s market is flooded chemical based mosquito repellent which were proved harmful & poisonous by the most researchers. In present investigation an attempt has been made to prepare herbal based mosquito repellent several formulations like cake, jellies, coils, and liquids were prepared. Ingredients used in almost all of the formulation were herbal based & ecofriendly.Since, it has no side effect on inhalation. Same formulations were evaluated for texture, efficacy, and stability etc.

Keywords:Essential oil, Repellent activity, Mortality rate, Texture Analysis, Public survey.

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