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Application of Cow Ghee as an excipient in Hot – Melt Coating agent in controlled release rifampicin plus isoniazid capsule formulations

Rahul Wankhade,Dinesh M. Sakarkar


The objective of the present study was to design rifampicin plus isoniazid controlled release pellets using cow ghee (CG) as an important hot melt coating (HMC) agent. The pellets were coated by HMC technique using Cg and ethyl cellulose composition by using conventional coating pan without the use of spray system. The prepared rifampicin plus isoniazid pellets were characterized for drug content, photomicrography, in- vitro dissolution studies, flow properties of pellets. Stability studies were performed for a period of 3 months at 400±20 C and 75± 5% relative humidity. HMC technique is easy rapid and simple method with no agglomeration seen during coating. In - vitro release from pellets at a given level of coating and for present pellets size was dependent upon the physico-chemical properties of the drug. HMC pellets were stable during the course of stability study. Rifampicin plus isoniazid pellets using CG with ethyl cellulose by HMC technique was employed successfully and capsule formulations were prepared.

Key words: Cow Ghee, excipient, Hot – Melt Coating agent, controlled release rifampicin plus isoniazid capsule formulations.

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