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Pharmacognostical evaluation and preliminary phytochemical analysis of Alternanthera philoxeroides

Pritom Dutta 


Alternanthera philoxeroides commonly called panimati kaduri (Assamese) use as vegetable basically the young stem and leaf, and also used against to treat various disease like dysentery, asthma etc. in various regions of Assam. The present study attempts to evaluate the pharmacognostical and physicochemical parameters of Alternanthera philoxeroides . The physico-chemical parameters were evaluated- loss on drying (4.9%), total ash content (8.9%), extractive value of plant powder with ethyl acetate, water, alcohol and methanol (8.67%, 11.87%, 21.72%, 13.98% respectively). Phytochemical screening of the ethyl acetate, methanol, alcohol and water extract of the plant powder drug indicated the presence of flavonoids, Saponins, glycoside, saponin, tannin, free reducing sugar and amino acid. However alkaloid were absence in this species. The physicochemical, morphological, histological parameters and chemical analysis presented in this paper may be proposed as parameters to identify and establish the authenticity of Alternanthera philoxeroides and also may help in carrying out further research in A. philoxeroides leaf and stem based drugs.

Keywords : Pharmacognosy ,  Alternanthera Philoxeroides , Phytochemicals , natural drugs .

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