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Biocidal Efficiency of Green Inhibitor in Neutral Medium

J. Yamuna*, Noreen Anthony


The inhibiting action of Citrus medica [CM] and biocides towards corrosion of carbon steel in open recirculating cooling systems has been studied in presence of Mn2+ by weight loss method. Open recirculating cooling water systems are commonly used for industrial cooling purposes to dissipate heat. The main problems associated with this system are scaling, corrosion, fouling and microbiological growth which if left untreated can lead to various problems. Microbiologically influenced corrosion is emerging as a serious problem in cooling systems. Once a biofilm forms, the local environment at the metal /biofilm interface undergoes drastic changes in terms of pH, dissolved oxygen content and concentration of the ionic species. To eliminate the threat of such potential problems, a suitable biocide must be added. A biocide must successfully control a broad spectrum of microbial contamination, provide cost-effective performance and prove compatible with other system components, while at the same time meeting stringent environmental, health and safety standards.This paper is concerned with the study of biocidal efficiencies of Ocimum tenuiflorum, Solanum trilobatum and Azadirachta indica in the presence and absence of the inhibitor Citrus medica in carbon steel. Keywords: Biocide, Carbon steel, Ocimum tenuiflorum [OT], Solanum trilobatum [ST] and Azadirachta indica [AI].

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