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Potential Pistia Stratiotes and Limnocharis Flava as Agent Phytoremediation Coliform Waste

Muhammad Rijal, Mohammad Amin, Fatchur Rohman, Endang Suarsini


Abstract: The type of research conducted is a quantitative approach to laboratory experiments that aim to know the ability of P. startiotes and L. flava as bioremediation agents in lowering the value of coliform and gain a potential agent in overcoming impurities coliform. The largest decline occurred in the treatment T3K4 (using two different types of plants with waste 100%) is 85,41%. Content that is lower than the amount allowed on the quality of water for the needs of the public. P. stratiotes and L. flava is very potent in lowering the value of coliform MPN and decent used as agent phitoremediation Keywords : fitoremediasi, MPN coliform, P. stratiotes, L. flava

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