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Kajiram Adhikari
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A Review on Medicinal Plants for Cancer Therapy



Cancer is major health problem in both developed and developing countries. Cancer after cardiovascular disease is the second leading cause of death. Cancer is the abnormal growth of cells in our bodies that can lead to death. A huge reservoir of bioactive compounds exists in many species of plants of Earth, only a small percentage of which have been examined and continued to be an important source of anticancer agents. Worldwide effects are ongoing to identify new anticancer compounds from plants. With the current decline in the number of new molecular entities from the pharmaceutical industry, novel anticancer agents are being sought from traditional medicines. This article reveals a detailed review of ethno medicinally important plants in cancer from medicinal plants which will be useful to treat various types of cancer. It will be helpful to explore the medicinal value of the plants and for the new drug discovery from them for the researchers and scientists around the globe. Key words: Cancer, Medicinal plants, bioactive compounds, Anticancer.

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