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Investigation of diversity of endophytic, phylloplane and phyllosphere mycobiota isolated from different cultivated plants in new reclaimed soil, Upper Egypt with potential biological applications

Waill A. Elkhateeb, Abdel-Nasser A. Zohri, Mohamed B. Mazen, Mohamed Hashem, Ghoson M. Daba


Isolation and identification of endophytic, phylloplane and phyllosphere fungal diversity from different plants cultivated in four reclaimed areas at Assiut Governorate in Egypt, namely: El-Ghorayeb (GH), El-Wady El-Assiuty (WA), Petroleum’s Farm (PF) and protectorate of Assiut (PR) were conducted. PR showed the widest spectrum of fungal species resulting in isolation of 76 species and 6 varieties belonging to 34 genera followed by WA (71 species and 4 varieties belonging to 33 genera), PF (69 species and 3 varieties belonging to 30 genera) and GH (59 species and one variety belonging to 29 genera). Since endophytes are recognized as sources of novel metabolites, industrial enzymes and as agents that enhance the abiotic or biotic stress tolerance of their plant hosts, novel natural compounds can be isolated and identified from endophytes, phylloplane or phyllosphere fungi with a promising potential biological, medical and industrial applications. Keywords: Fungi, endophytic fungi, isolation, identification, phylloplane fungi, phyllosphere fungi, reclaimed soil.

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