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Improved Characteristics of Ofloxacin Agglomerated Crystals using Quassi-Emulsion Solvent Diffusion Method

Narendra Kr. Goyal*, Rishabha Malviya, Pramod K Sharma, Nitin Sharma


The aim of present investigation was to prepare agglomerated crystals of ofloxacin by Quassi-Emulsion solvent diffusion method (QESDM), for the improvement of powder and tablet characteristics. The agglomerated crystals of ofloxacin were prepared using chloroform, ethanol and distilled water as solvent, bridging agent and poor solvent respectively. Effect of process variables (amount of bridging agent, rotation rate and temperature) were studied for the optimizations of crystals. Agglomerates were characterized for their micrometrics characteristics (bulk density, flowability). Several batches of ofloxacin tablets were prepared by agglomerated crystals, wet granules and physical mixture of drug with exipients. Prepared agglomerates crystals were showing improved micrometrics behavior, which minimized the cost of granulation of ofloxacin. Prepared tablets of agglomerated crystals were better than other tablet batch in terms of hardness, friability, compressibility, disintegration and dissolution time. It can be concluded from results that spherical agglomerated crystallization is an alternative and effective method for favouring direct tabletting to solve the solubility problem of poorly soluble drugs.

Keywords: Ofloxacin, agglomerate, quassi solvent diffusion method, compressibility.

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