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Microbiological Study of Pathogens Isolated From Women with Genital Tract Infection

Shilan S. Ahmad and Fattma A. Ali


This study was carried out during the period (March to July 2012). A total of two hundred and fifty high vaginal swabs were collected from (100 pregnant and 150 non- pregnant) women patients with genital tract infection at the age ranged between (18- 55) years, who attended the gynecology clinics and obstetrics department of Maternity Teaching Hospital in Erbil city. Vaginal swab samples were collected and direct examined, microscopic Gram stain examination and culture techniques. Isolated microorganisms were identified using microscopical, morphological, biochemical tests, analytic profile index system and Vitek 2 compact system.The results showed that positive vaginal cultures were detected in 233 (93.2%) women patients, among pregnant were 95 (95%), while among non- pregnant were 138 (92%) but differences is not significant according to statistical analysis. The total number of microorganism isolates obtained from women patients were (263) isolates. These isolates were distributed between Gram- positive bacteria 118 (44.9%), Gram- negative bacteria 73 (27.7%) and fungi 72 (27.4%). Single isolates found in 203 (77.2%) and mixed 60 (22.8%). The most frequent microorganisms isolated from vaginitis patients were Candida albicans 62 (23.6%), followed byEscherichia coli 42 (15.96%), Staphylococcus haemolyticus 19 (7.2%), Staphylococcus auricularis 19 (7.2%), Enterococcus faecalis 19 (7.2%), Klebsiella pneumoniae14 (5.3%) and Staphylococcusaureus 13(4.9%). The highest percent of vaginitis occurred at pH 6 were 140 (60.1%), the highest percent of vaginitis occurred in the age group (26-35) years were 113 (48.5%) and the most common symptoms were abnormal vaginal discharge 132 (56.7%), among pregnant and non- pregnant women.

Keywords:Genital Tract Infection, Pathogens.

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